Politics: Hope, Fear and Misplaced Faith

A counterfeit bill isn't worth anything unless the receiver is fooled by its appearance. These are my thoughts after watching America's political landscape get ripped apart by an earthquake.


OK, so I really want to launch my new design because the old black site with the white blurb was getting annoying. So I'll just throw this up for now.

Show Your Power

When the Israelites came upon the Red Sea, it wasn’t something that they were going to be able to handle on their own. It was completely outside their ability to control. God was ready to do something.

Aliasing a Sub-domain with Postfix and Gmail

Google Apps doesn’t allow wildcards for a subdomain which we need to be able to handle replies coming into The Mentor Center. Here's how we do it with Postfix.

Content Strategy Lessons for Site Survival

"Every year, thousands of innocent blogs and websites die needless deaths due to careless strategic planning."

Laminating over the Bandaid

In the life-cycle of any project that requires time and cost to be the chosen constraints, there are bound to be band-aids that are built to solve a problem when under pressure.

Christmas Leftovers

It is the time of year where we find ourselves in between family gatherings, trips to the mall and way too much food. It is also the occasion to remember what was happening just over two thousand years ago.

The Numbers that Matter

When Gideon doubted God’s promises, he put out a wool fleece at night. I don't think he expected God to answer his doubts the way that He did.

Chicken… The Wanna-be Meat

Are those birds that can't fly worthy of being considered meat?